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August 29, 2008
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September 24, 2008

New Logo? Things to think about before we get started

Do you need to like your logo?

Yes, it’s important that you like your logo. But remember, this logo design isn’t to help you fall in love with your business, it is a marketing tool to increase business from other people …so what really matters is that your potential customers respond to it positively.

If you have a children’s clothing company, it’s not always the best idea to use your own kids or your kids drawings in the marketing just because they mean something to YOU.

Your logo design is the first impression many of your customers will have of your business. It may be on your business card, signage, packaging, clothing or other brand related items. If your potential customer doesn’t respond well to your logo, you may lose them forever. For this reason it’s very important to know your target market well and market directly to them. Are they professionals, creative, young, old, rich, poor? Where do they eat? Shop? What music do they like? The more you know about and understand your customers the better we can target your brand design towards them


Logo Dimensions

Think about the dimensions of your logo design. Do you want a tall thin logo? Also, what if you decide to print your logo onto pens?

How about if your logo appears next to a collection of others – i.e. as a list of sponsors. It may appear smaller than it’s neighbours and get lost in the crowd. Often your brand is given a maximum width or a square to fit into so make sure your logo will get as much exposure as possible in these circumstances. How about if you ever need to squeeze the logo into a small square such as on a poster or a favicon?


What’s the message?

What do you want your logo design to “say” about your business? What kind of impression should it leave about your product or service? What kind of look do you want for your logo (ie, techie, contemporary, old-school, artsy, eco, corporate etc.)

Very often clients want their logo to tell a story. Where the business came from, what it does, who is behind it. Don’t make the mistake of trying to cram too much information into a logo. Remember it’s about creating an impression, a feeling. A logo that says “Caring vet service, based in Christchurch, run by 3 men who love gardening” is probably going too far!

Perhaps just a feeling of “professional” or “caring” is enough, so keep it simple. Together we can develop a logo that can represent the values and ideas your business stands for.


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