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August 23, 2008
Kowhaiwhai pattern
August 29, 2008

Prevent your email newsletter from being trashed

In preparation for sending out an email to my clients advising of

  • this Blog
  • the ability to purchase domain names through our website via credit card
  • the start of a quarterly newsletter

… I did a bit of reading about email newsletter ettiquette and ways to ensure your emails are firstly receieved (not deleted by spam filters) and secondly, read (not considered rubbish and manually deleted). I came across this really useful list of ‘Nine great tips to keep YOUR newsletter from falling prey to spam filters and ending up in the trash.’

A few hilights are

  • Avoid using the words “remove” (unsubscribe is preferred), “free”, “limited time” and “money”
  • Don’t send attachments
  • Don’t write all in CAPS
  • Don’t send unsolicited emails

I hope this is of some help. It sure is a pain when half your recipients don’t even get the email.

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